Arsenal still not in the Top 4 in Barclays Premier League

Last season Arsenal scored 20 goals away from home – fractionally over one per game.  It was the prime cause of our inability to get into the top four.  As a result we suggested in Untold that if only we could improve our away form this season we would stand a chance of getting back into the top four this year.

Of course at this moment we are not in the top four, but it is noticeable that in just seven away games this season Arsenal have scored 18 goals – as opposed to 19 in the whole of last season.

And not only have we scored almost the whole total of goals from last season’s away league games in just seven matches, there is something else.   Arsenal have scored more away goals than any other team this season despite having played two games fewer away games than Tottenham and one fewer away game than many other clubs.

In fact our away form has been turned around – and although as yet that has not taken Arsenal back permanently to the top four (which of course we must always say is not a trophy, not that we ever said it was but it seemed very important to an awfully large number of people to say this over and over and over and over again) it has helped us stay in touch with the other clubs that ended up in the top six last season.

The point about Arsenal’s away form is that it is the place that improvement had to come, since last season we had the second best home form in the league, getting just three points fewer than Manchester City.

Last season in matches against the clubs that ended up in the top six places in the league Arsenal won one, drew three and lost six.   This season with half of the ten games played against these teams we have won one, drawn two and lost two.   If similar results continue through the second half of the run of games against last season’s other top six teams we’ll be at two wins, four draws and four defeats – giving 10 points, the level Liverpool reached last year coming fifth in the mini-league.

So if we are predicting the future this is clearly an area for more improvement – as indeed would be suggested by the fact that Arsenal are fifth at the moment in the league.

But on the more positive side the great run continues.

15 wins, 5 draws and no defeats.

Of course this doesn’t mean anything at all, for as Steve McManaman said, “I know Arsenal are on a 20-odd game unbeaten run, but I don’t think they are consistent enough,” and I think we should all think about that.   Indeed I am still trying to think about but unfortunately the laughter keeps breaking out and I can’t really focus any more.

So improvements are appearing: a slight improvement against the other teams that ended up in the top six last season, a really significant improvement in our away record – which was exactly what was needed and I what I rambled on about through the close season, an improvement in consistency, and perhaps most importantly of all a huge improvement in the level of laughter we can have at the expense of total turnips who are paid huge amounts of money to talk gibberish.

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