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It the last years we have seen in to many occasions (we don't want to admit) that 'Wenger Out' movement is getting bigger and bigger. It created discord between the Arsenal fans, publicly and on social networks.

I must admit, I have join the "Wenger Out' movement and have some reasons that will be mentioned within this article.

Under the Boss, Arsenal won the last Premier League title in 2003–04 without losing a single match, since then we had the 'joy' to win some FA cups and played one Champions League Final and that was it. As a Arsenal fan, from the 90' i was used to watch Arsenal winning. Their tempo and one touch game play and the brilliance of Thierry and CO introduced me to football as a kid and loved the game since then. Losing the title run was a planned financial strategy from the Club and that was bothering me for a long time.

Fighting for 4th place and make it look like its cool, with the years just made me indifferent towards Wenger. I never forgot what he have done, and many players won't forget what he have done for them, but the brilliance came with despair.

Arsenal had Thierry, Viera and CO, Chelsea had Lampard and Terry, Man Utd - Scholes and Giggs, Liverpool - Gerard, Everton - Baines, City had/have money. We have many more examples in history of teams building around leaders. Only Arsenal was left without a legend, a legend that will play his deal in the club and go somewhere else just for the sake of first team football on a lower level or monetizing in his "late" football years.

With Henry departure, we lost the grip, we lost the leader on the pitch, we lost the perception of admiration from the opponents. I wanted Henry to be just in the club, benched or coaching u5 would've been sufficient. His name and experience was enough to give small advantage for every game of the Arsenal. 
The problem was not just leaving but not finding proper replacement, we cannot say Arsene didn't tried.
I never got over with losing Thierry Henry in his prime. He was the one needed to lead the team and bring players around him and since then, everything started to go downhill for the club. He was the leader we always needed, the leader we are desperately searching now.  

I was almost ready for Cesc's departure, he had that potential, the skills and attitude and he wanted to go home. Cesc become first team regular in his early age after the departure of Viera and took the cult number 4 and prove that he is worth wearing it. Wenger gave him the freedom and with his specific style of play he earned the trust and praise from the fans all over the world.

I saw Ramsey in several moments with the freedom similar to Cesc and proved that he can be one of the world's best (not talking about the position or style, but the freedom in his play). Ramsey's freedom was not permanently granted and his non consistent performance came with a cost. The amount of anxiousness while Ramsey's runs with the ball towards his team mates and none of them having the proper off ball movement was greater then seeing  Pascal's Cygan score an auto-goal. Mentioning Ramsey in the story is because I see free roaming Ramsey as a replacement of the leader on the pitch currently.
(With all respect to Ozil and Sanchez, they are great players but not Arsenal-blood in my books)

Then we had one with a kid screaming inside of him, that was influenced by his wife during his career and in current times, SHE wanted to live in Istanbul and now he plays for Fenerbah├že. He even changed his religion because of his wife.
I don't judge, I just recognize the bunch of characters, Arsene's Arsenal was building during the years. His attitude in the last 4 years towards the club was embarrassing and made me the number 1 hater, towards the one that i was always giving support, even in the bad days. Had 6 blunt years in the club and 2 amazing seasons, when Arsene converted him from a wide role player to a Central pivotal forward. Publicly it looked he was ungrateful and careless towards the club and Wenger. I still remember the date, when he signed for Man Utd, i was at work when i read the news. Broke the keyboard and took an amazing amount of banter from my friends in the next coming hours. He could've ended better.

No player is bigger than the club, true however, the club is consisted of bunch of players. If someone helped Man Utd and Man City to get the last titles they had, that was Arsenal selling. Feeder club they said. Into Arsene's statements i see the brilliance and the despair. He created bunch of players that are mentioned and currently in the Club, made them from zeros to heroes. The inability to "monetize" them on the pitch reflected to Wenger and Arsenal monetizing in the bank, and that was not coincidence or something not planned. It was well set strategic movement, and Arsenal now have the most expensive tickets in Europe (Probably in the World). 

Yes, it is important to have healthy financial status and Wenger is very fond of taking care of the economics and we all know that is a fact. His concentration on financial aspects influenced on his coaching/tactics management and slowly started to lose the grip in the creating of the winning team that should've brought the glory back to Arsenal.

Never bought the story they tried to sell. Building new stadium in the cost of selling the best player in team is a no go. The fumiest part was the Armband Curse in Arsenal, Every player that have received the armband was the next one to be sold or benched.

The frustration, the agony was building in the years and it came on a boiling point, in the season were all rivals from the past years, were failing and Arsenal was/is so close to the title, a title that is slowly slipping from our hands.

The inability of in game changes and tactics flexibility have marked Wenger as old fashioned, his concentration on managing the club as an executive director took its toll. Playing Giroud and Ozil together was a risky match. Both of them can do an amazing job in attack but their contribution in defense was creating troubles, especially on our side backs. Having one full attacking minded player is fine, but two creates lot of open spaces for the opponents and lot work to do for our defense. Wenger seemed not interested and his in game substitutions left the fans and the public question his decisions. On various occasions the games were lost in the moment of decision to change tactics and substitutions. I've lost the trust in Wenger to make tactic decision and it has been quite a while from the time when we notices Manager's in game changes that influenced the result.

I tried briefly to present my views and opinions why I support "Wenger Out" movement. There is no Arsenal fan, that doesn't appreciate what Wenger have done for Arsenal. There are few former Arsenal players that hold a crunch, the rest are thankful and with respect towards the boss. I was never thinking that i would say this, but;

Wenger, thank you for all you have done, let the World remembers you like one of the best. Do want you can this season for the title run, start a good exit strategy and find the proper replacement on the Head Coach seat for the next season, not an Executive Director of a big corporation, a position that you are currently holding. 

Feel free to comment bellow and share your opinion, respect mine as i am respecting yours, you don't have to agree.

Until next time.

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